Rythm bot

A feature-rich, easy to use Discord music bot!

Official Releases of Rythm Bot

Rythm#3722 Stable
Prefix: !

Rythm is our main bot used by the most people.
We provide the best stability and quality on this release of Rythm.

Rythm 2#2000 Stable
Prefix: >

Rythm 2 is our secondary public bot.
This bot is generally operational but sometimes has updates that render it unstable.

Rythm Canary#8406 Unstable
Prefix: *

Rythm Canary is our public testing bot.
Rythm Canary is often running updates that are unstable or untested. We do not recommend relying on this release.

Rythm Development#7609 Private
Prefix: *

Rythm Development is our private bot for development work.
This release is not available to the public and is not online reliably.