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Rythm is a feature-rich, high-performance music bot for Discord, specially designed to deliver High Quality music, stability and ease of use while also providing advanced music functionalities in order to create the ultimate music bot experience.

You can add Rythm to your Discord server by clicking on the following link:

Note: You must have a role with the “Administrator” or the “Manage Server” permission to be able to add Rythm to a Discord Server. If you have either of these permissions you should be able to change the name of your server.
Also make sure you’re logged in to the right account in the web browser when adding Rythm, see

Rythm’s Discord server is the official platform for everything related to Rythm.

Here you’ll be able to:

• See information about Rythm’s latest features and updates.
• Keep up with all the news and announcements.
• Hang out with the members of our fast growing community!
• Suggest new features for Rythm.
• Get support from our Staff members.

Note: For an invite to Rythm's Discord server, use the following link:

Rythm uses a system called "sharding".

For more information on how sharding works click here ( to view Discord's documentation of it.

To play a song use the following command format:

!play songname/URL

Example: !play retrograde

For a full list of commands type !help in your server with Rythm in it.

To change Rythm’s prefix use the following command format:

!settings prefix NewPrefix

Example: !settings prefix +

You can see the current prefix for either bot by mentioning them.

For Rythm:
@Rythm#3722 OR <@!235088799074484224>

For Rythm 2:
@Rythm 2#2000 OR <@!252128902418268161>

A message should be returned by Rythm stating its current prefix.

Rythm can use playlists from a variety of online audio sources including YouTube and SoundCloud.

To add songs to the queue from an online playlist, use the following command format:

!play URL

Example: !play

To change Rythm’s nickname in your server you must:

1) Right Click on Rythm > Change Nickname > Save.


Love Rythm? Want to support its development? You can do so by becoming a donator today! Plus, you'll also get access to donator-only features along the way!

If you're interested in donating, please visit the following link:

You can find the list of donator exclusive features on our Patreon!

You can see a list of commands by typing !help in your server, or by visiting the following link:

Note: In order to execute any command, you must type Rythm's prefix followed by the command. The default prefix for Rythm is: !

Due to high demand we have added the ability to add a second Rythm to your server allowing for twice the music.

If you're interested in getting a second Rythm for your server, please visit the following link:

Rythm announces the songs in the same text channel it was originally called from.

If you summon Rythm in channel #general, all Announce Songs messages will appear in that channel.

To change the channel where it’ll show the messages, just !disconnect Rythm from the current channel and !summon it in the channel you want the songs to be announced in.

!queue [page number]

Example: !queue 2

For a full list of commands type !help in your server with Rythm in it.

To remove duplicates from Rythm's queue you must use the following command:


Rythm should then purge its queue of any duplicate songs.

Normal users with no special permissions are only allowed to use the !play command to add songs to the queue by default.
They can also use other commands that don't affect the playing music in any way. Example: !queue and !lyrics.

However, normal users can access ALL music commands when they are alone with Rythm in the voice channel.
This is because their commands would not affect anyone but themselves.

For more information about users command permissions, refer to the >Roles/Permissions section in this FAQ.

For a vote skip to take effect, 75% of the voice chat's population need to vote yes.

Here's an example:

Let's assume there are 10 users in a voice chat.
The threshold for skipping is calculated as 75% of 10 = 7.5, then rounded down, so 7.
For the vote skip to take effect, you would then need 7 positive votes.

Note: Vote skip will not be active until there are 3 or more people in the voice channel.
(As with one person, insta-skip is enabled and with two the threshold for skipping is 1).

Short answer: Yes.

We now allow you to get a second version of Rythm at:

Short answer: No.

Discord doesn’t allow for users or bots to have a different profile picture per server.

Rythm currently supports the following audio streaming services:


Short answer: If you donate.

You may set the local volume of Rythm for yourself by selecting Rythm and adjusting the user volume slider as shown below.

Discord user volume

Rythm uses the default volume for videos when using audio streams, for donators we allow for encoding to change the volume of these audio streams.
Due to the fact that encoding takes resources and time, this is why we do not roll this feature out to all Rythm users.

For donators the volume command is !volume number (Allowed Values: 1 --> 200)

Example: !volume 80

Short answer: No.

We do not allow custom commands/aliases, however we do allow for suggestions of aliases to be added.

Use the !aliases command to view all the aliases.
You can suggest any aliases that you can think of in the #rythm-suggestions channel on the Rythm Bot Discord server.

Short answer: No.

Rythm is not a 24/7 bot. However, you can host your own bot to access such feature, such as this bot (

Rythm isn't open source mainly because of the following reasons:

• Rythm's code isn't portable in any sense so the code isn't built for anyone to deploy it.
• We do not wish for Rythm to become the next bot everyone ends up emulating.
• We do not want people to rip apart any credit we have from the code and redistributing.

Rythm’s built-in permission system can be divided in the following groups:

Normal Users / Users without any special roles:

Are able to add songs to the list (queue) but can’t remove them.
Are able to use commands that don’t interfere with other people’s music. Example: lyrics, np, queue, etc.
Can't skip a song without voting.
Don’t have access to control the music in any way.

Users with a DJ role / Manage Channels permission:

• Have full access to all music commands.
• Can’t change Rythm’s settings.

Note: If there isn’t a role named "DJ" in your server, one can be created
with no special permissions assigned and it will still access these features.

Users with Manage Server / Administrator permission:

Manage Server: Users with the Manage Server permission can change Rythm’s settings,
but are limited to only use the normal user's music commands.

Administrator: Users with the Administrator permission have full access to all music commands
and can also change Rythm’s settings.

If a user is ALONE WITH RYTHM in a voice channel, they WILL have access to ALL music commands
even if the user has NO ROLES in the server. This is because these commands wouldn't affect anyone
but the user, as there would be no one else in the voice channel.

If you want all Rythm commands to be only available to people with a specific role, read the next entry in this FAQ.

In order to make Rythm commands just available to specific roles you need to:

1- Make a text channel that can only be seen by users with the specific role.

2- Blacklist all the other text channels in the server with Rythm’s Blacklist function.

To blacklist channels use the following command format:

!settings blacklist #channel

Example: !settings blacklist #general

Users with the Manage Channels permission have access to all music commands by default.
Users with the Manage Server permission don’t.

However, if you wish to give some users access to all music commands without having to give
them the Manage Channels permission, you can do so by creating a role named DJ in your server and
assigning it to the users. This role doesn’t need to have any special Discord permissions.

The DJ role has to be assigned manually and cannot be given to all users at once.

Users alone in a voice channel with Rythm will be treated as though they have the DJ role until another user joins the voice channel with them even if they have no roles

Note: Users with the DJ role will not be able to change or modify Rythm's settings.

To restrict music commands from working in a text channel, you must blacklist
the channel with Rythm’s Blacklist function.

To blacklist a text channel use the following command format:

!settings blacklist #channel

Example: !settings blacklist #general

To restrict Rythm's queue to a specific number of songs per user you must use the settings menu.

To limit the number of songs per user use the following command format:

!settings maxusersongs Number/disable

Example: !settings maxusersongs 5

Now any songs added that will be put the queue over this number for a specific user will be blocked.

To restrict duplicates from Rythm's queue you must use the settings menu.

To prevent duplicate songs from being added to the queue use the following command format:

!settings preventduplicates on/off

Example: !settings preventduplicates on

Now any songs added to the queue that are already in the queue will be blocked.

To restrict Rythm's queue to a specific number of songs you must use the settings menu.

To limit the number of songs use the following command format:

!settings maxqueuelength Number

Example: !settings maxqueuelength 25

Now any songs added that will put the queue over this number will be blocked.

To block Rythm from joining a specific voice channel you must:

1) Go to your Discord Server Settings > Roles.

2) Find the role that belongs to Rythm.

3) Turn OFF the Administrator permission for Rythm.

4) Turn ON Read Text Channels & See Voice Channels, Send Messages, Embed Links, Connect and Speak Permissions.

5) Go to the voice channel you want to restrict Rythm from connecting to.

6) Click Edit channel > Permissions > Rythm Role.

7) Turn OFF the "Connect" permission for the Rythm role. Save.


Note: To blacklist multiple channels, just repeat steps 5 to 7
separately with all the voice channels you wish to blacklist.

These are the options you can access through Rythm’s settings menu.

To access this menu use the command !settings

Rythm should then display a menu showing the settings that can be changed.

For more information on a setting just type: !settings Setting Name

Example: !settings blacklist

Any setting marked with an asterisk * is donator exclusive.

Changing Rythm’s prefix

Makes Rythm respond to a different prefix.

Command format !settings prefix NewPrefix

Example: !settings prefix +

Blacklisting text channels

By blacklisting a text channel, you make it impossible for anyone to access music commands through that channel.

Command format !settings blacklist #channel

Note: You can blacklist multiple channels at once.
Example: !settings blacklist #channel1 #channel2

Note: To "Whitelist" a text channel and put it back to normal, just run the Blacklist command on it again.

Turning On/Off Announcesongs

Sends a message to a text channel announcing every song when they start.

Command format !settings announcesongs on/off

Example: !settings announcesongs on

Limiting queue length

Limits the max number of songs the queue can hold before refusing to allow users to add any more.

Command format !settings maxqueuelength Number/disable

Example: !settings maxqueuelength 25

Limiting the amount of songs a single user can request

Limits how many songs the user can queue at one time, can be disabled by typing disable instead of a number.

Command format !settings maxusersongs Number/disable

Example: !settings maxusersongs 5

Getting Rythm to automatically remove duplicate songs

Prevents users from adding songs to the queue that are already in the current queue.

Command format !settings preventduplicates on/off

Example: !settings preventduplicates on

Enabling DJ only mode

Sets the server to run in DJ only mode, allowing only users with the DJ role or the Manage Channels permission to use Rythm's music commands.

Command format !settings djonly on/off

Example: !settings djonly on

Setting a custom DJ role

Sets a custom role to work as DJ with Rythm.

Command format !settings setdj role-name

Example: !settings setdj Admin

Important: Do NOT mention the role, its name must be typed out.

Note: Any role called "DJ" will still act as a DJ role.

Enabling DJ Playlists

When enabled only DJ's are able to queue playlists.

Command format !settings djplaylists on/off

Example: !settings djplaylists on

Enabling/Disabling autoplay*

Autoplay feature once setup with your own playlist,
Rythm will queue songs from it once the queue is empty.

Command format !settings autoplay URL/disable

Example: !settings autoplay

Note: This feature is donator exclusive.

Setting Rythm's default volume*

Sets the default volume for Rythm when joining a channel after being summoned.

Command format !settings defaultvolume Number

Example: !settings defaultvolume 80

Note: This feature is donator exclusive.

If you find that you have encountered an issue with Rythm, please click here to go to the Troubleshooting page.

If you find that your question was not answered by this FAQ or the Troubleshooting page, please click here to join the official Rythm Bot Discord server.